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Monday Night Raw/RAW IS WAR Match Lists

Monday Night Raw 1/11/93- Time 1:00 VQ- GD (Debut Raw)
Sean Mooney is outside the building and Bobby Heenan is trying to get inside
Yokozuna vs. Koko B. Ware
INT- Bobby Heenan
Steiner Brothers vs. Executioners
Sean Mooney outside with Bobby Heenan dressed as a female
INT- Razor Ramon
Shawn Michaels vs. Max Moon (WWF IC Title)
Royal Rumble Report: INT- Shawn Michaels
INT- Marty Jannetty
INT- Mr. Perfect
INT- Yokozuna/Mr. Fuji
INT- Jim Duggan
Sean Mooney outside with Bobby Heenan dressed as a rabii
Clip- Kamala being mistreated by Kimchee & Harvey Whippleman
Undertaker vs. Damien Demento
INT- Doink/Crush
Bobby Heenan finally let in the building

Monday Night Raw 1/25/93- Time 1:00 VQ- VG
Repo Man vs Macho Man Randy Savage
Kamala vs Brooklyn Brawler
Int: Slick
Royal Rumble Post Report
Mr. Perfect vs Ric Flair (Loser Leaves the WWF)

Monday Night Raw 5/17/93- Time 1:00 VQ- VG
Mr. Perfect/Shawn Michaels brawl outside The Manhattan Center
Smoking Gunns vs 2 Jobbers
Int: Shawn Michaels... Marty Jannetty makes a suprise appearance and challenges HBK
Razor Ramon vs The Kid (Famous match where The Kid pins Razor)
Tatanka vs Scott Taylor
King of the Ring Report
Kamala vs Yokozuna
Shawn Michaels vs Marty Jannetty (WWF Intercontinental Title)

Monday Night Raw 6/14/93- Time 1:00 VQ- EX/VG
Int: Yokozuna/Mr. Fuji
Mr. Perfect vs Jobber
Int: Razor Ramon
Doink vs Marty Jannetty
Owen Hart vs Jobber
Clip- UT is attacked by Giant Gonzales
Jerry Lawler vs Jobber

Monday Night Raw 4/3/95- Time 1:00 VQ- MASTER
Hakushi vs Bob Holly
Int: Diesel
Allied Powers vs Well Dunn
Bull Nakano vs Alundra Blayze (WWF Womens Title)
Men on a Mission vs Jobbers
Int: Shawn Michaels.. Sid attacks Shawn

Monday Night Raw 7/24/95- Time :57 VQ- MASTER
Shawn Michaels vs. Jimmy Del Ray (first 2 minutes cutoff)
Smoking Gunns vs. jobbers
Goldust promo
Fatu video
Waylon Mercy vs. jobber
INT- Mabel
Bret Hart vs. Hakushi
Dean Douglas promo
INT- Shawn Michaels
Monday Night Raw 6/3/96- Time 1:00 VQ- MASTER
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Bob Holly (King of the Ring Match)
Mankind vs. Barry Horowitz
INT- Goldust
Sunny joins for commentary
Godwinns vs. Tekno Team 2000
Clarence Mason calls in
Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Jake Roberts (King of the Ring Match)

Monday Night Raw 2/17/97- Time 2:00 VQ- MASTER
Marc Mero vs Savio Vega
Leif Cassidy vs Rocky Maivia (WWF IC Title)
Jerry Lawler trashes ECW and challenges them
Goldust vs HHH
The Headbangers vs The Hardy Boys (Paul Heyman Calls in and accepts the challenge)
Flash Funk vs Owen Hart
HHH vs Bart Gunn
Bret Hart vs Sid (WWF Title, Sid wins!)

Monday Night Raw 3/3/97- Time 1:30 VQ- EX/VG
Bret Hart vs HHH
Rocky Maivia vs Vader (WWF IC Title)
Flash Funk vs The Sultan (Paul E. Dangerously calls into the show)
Int: Sycho Sid
Int: Ahmed Johnson
Sycho Sid vs Mankind (WWF Title)
Int: Steve Austin
Owen Hart vs The British Bulldog (WWF European Title Tourney Finals)

RAW IS WAR 3/31/97- Time 1:50 VQ- EX
The British Bulldog vs Owen Hart
Int: The Hart Foundation reforms
El Mosco vs Super Nova
Int: LOD
Jesse James vs Jerry Fox
Int: Honkey Tonk Man & Jesse James
Crush/Savio Vega vs. Rod Bell/Adam O' Brien
Ken Shamrock Video
Int: UT & Paul Bearer
Int: Sycho Sid
HHH vs Goldust
Int: Steve Austin
Rocky Maivia vs Bret Hart (WWF IC Title)

RAW IS WAR 4/21/97- Time 1:35 VQ- EX
Int: Steve Austin.. challenges Bret Hart to a streetfight
The Sultan vs Ahmed Johnson
Clips: Vader held in Kuwait
Int: Ken Shamrock
Steve Austin vs Bret Hart (Streetfight.. AWESOME MATCH!!)
Bret gets stretchered out
Austin argues with Gorilla Monsoon
Tiger Ali Singh vs. Salvatore Sincere
Bret loaded into an ambulance, and Austin attacks him again
Jesse James vs Billy Gunn
Int: Steve Austin/Shawn Michaels
Int: Mankind
The Undertaker vs HHH
Int: Steve Austin.. Brian Pillman returns to the WWF and attacks Austin.

RAW IS WAR 4/28/97- Time 1:35 VQ- EX
Brian Pillman prayer secession
Flash Funk vs Rockabilly
Int: Bret Hart
The Legion of Doom vs. Doug Furnas & Philip LaFon
Rocky Maivia vs Owen Hart (WWF IC Title)
Int: Steve Austin
Jesse James vs Vader
HHH vs Goldust
The Undertaker vs The British Bulldog

RAW IS WAR 6/16/97- Time 2:00 VQ- MASTER
Int: Steve Austin
British Bulldog/Owen Hart vs. New Blackjacks
HHH vs. Phinneous Godwinn
Chris Candido vs. Brian Christopher (ECW vs USWA)
Goldust vs. Jim Neidhart
Steve Austin vs. Brian Pillman (Their only singles match in the WWF on tv!!)
Tommy Rogers vs. Bobby Fulton (The Fantastics vs Each Other!)
Headbangers vs. Rob Van Dam/Jerry Lawler (WWF Tag Title Tourney.. Sandman Interferes)
Faarooq/Kama vs. Undertaker/Ahmed Johnson (Ahmed joins NOD)

RAW IS WAR 7/28/97- Time 2:00 VQ- MASTER
Int: Hart Foundation
LOD vs. Los Boricuas
HHH vs. Vader (Mankind dresses as cameraman & attacks HHH)
Truth Commision vs. Bob Holly/Flash Funk/Jesse James
Crush vs. Faarooq
Godwinns vs. Steve Austin/Dude Love (WWF Tag Team Title Match)
Devon Storm vs. Ace Darling
The British Bulldog vs. Ken Shamrock (Arm Wrestling Match)
Goldust vs. Billy Gunn
Patriot vs. Bret Hart (HBK Interferes, The Patriot scores a huge pinfall win over The Hitman!!)

RAW IS WAR 9/29/97- Time 2:00 VQ- EX/VG
Int: Shawn Michaels, HHH, Chyna.. interrupted by Sgt. Slaughter & Hart Foundation
Footage of Shawn Michaels winning the WWF European Title at One Night Only
Vader vs The British Bulldog
Video Package on Faarooq's college football career as Ron Simmons
Faarooq vs Ahmed Johnson
The Brian Pillman XXX Files
Goldust vs The Sultan (Dude Love does commentary)
Int: Steve Austin confronts Vince McMahon
The Headbangers vs Los Bouricas (WWF Tag Team Titles)
Int: Owen Hart
The Undertaker vs Hunter Hearst Helmsley

RAW IS WAR 10/6/97- Time 2:00 VQ- VG
All the wrestlers come out and pay tribute to the late Brian Pillman
Int: HBK, HHH, Chyna... shows the "farewell to the kliq".. interrupted by The Hart Foundation
The Godwinns vs The Headbangers (WWF Tag Titles- Lumberjack Match)
Int: The Bouricas
Miguel Perez vs Marc Mero (returning to the WWF)
Jim Cornette "shoots" on WCW & the nWo
Rocky Maivia vs The British Bulldog
Int: Steve Austin/Vince McMahon
Owen Hart vs Hawk (WWF IC Title)
Int: Melanie Pillman
Video Tribute to Brian Pillman
Kane attacks The Hardy Boyz
Int: Paul Bearer w/ Kane
Bret Hart vs Triple H

RAW IS WAR 12/22/97- Time 2:00 VQ- MASTER
Legion of Doom video
INT- D-Generation X
INT- Sgt. Slaughter
Thrasher vs. Henry Godwinn
INT- Henry Godwinn
Dude Love/New Age Outlaws video
INT- Mankind
INT- Santa Claus/Steve Austin.. Austin gives Santa a stunner
INT- Rocky Maivia
Rocky Maivia vs. Undertaker (Kane attacks Undertaker)
Owen Hart attacks Triple H
New Age Outlaws attack someone they think is Mankind
INT- Marc Mero
Marc Mero vs. Scott Taylor (Sable comes out in a reindeer outfit Tom Brandi attacks Marc Mero)
INT- Triple H
8-Ball vs. Kurrgan
INT- Jackyl
Ken Shamrock vs. D-Lo Brown
INT- Rocky Maivia
INT- Shawn Michaels
New Age Outlaws/Mankind brawl backstage
INT- The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust/Luna Vachon, Vader comes out dressed as Santa Claus and kicks Goldust's ass.. Hilarious segemnt
Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels (European Title.. HBK and HHH have a "fake" match.. hilarious)
INT- Shawn Michaels/Triple H

RAW IS WAR 1/26/98- Time 1:40 VQ- EX
Bobo Brazil tribute
Video on Mike Tyson & Steve Austin
Ken Shamrock vs. Mark Henry
Undertaker/Paul Bearer/Kane video
Legion of Doom vs. Jeff Jarrett/Barry Windham
Clips of Shawn Michaels on Pictionary
Int: DX
VaderDust vs. Vader
Int: Mick Foley & Terry Funk
New Age Outlaws vs. Cactus Jack/Chainsaw Charlie (WWF Tag Titles)
Taka Michinoku video
Brian Christopher vs. Pantera
Int: Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie
Headbangers vs. Quebecers
HunterDust vs Owen Hart (WWF European Title)
Int: DX/Sgt. Slaughter
Tyson & Austin clips
Int: Don King
Int: Steve Austin

RAW IS WAR 4/6/98- Time 2:00 VQ- MASTER
Steve Austin/Vince McMahon video
INT- Vince McMahon
Dan Severn video
Dan Severn vs. Flash Funk (Jim Cornette joins for commentary)
INT- D-Generation X
D-Generation X do some vandalism backstage with spraypaint
Steve Blackman vs. Brian Christopher (Tenessee Lee joins for commentary)
Jeff Jarrett attacks Steve Blackman
D-Generation X piss on the Disciples of Apocalypse's bikes
Cactus Jack/Chainsaw Charlie video
INT- Cactus Jack
Nation of Domination attack Faarooq
Rocky Maivia vs. Owen Hart
Chyna attacks Owen Hart
INT- Vince McMahon/"Corporate" Steve Austin
Steve Austin hits McMahon in the balls
INT- Disciples of Apocalypse
The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust beats on some jobber and Luna Vachon pins him
Val Venis promo
INT- Marc Mero
Marc Mero vs. Ken Shamrock
Nation of Domination attack Ken Shamrock
INT- Undertaker
INT- Paul Bearer.. Kane destroys and burns his parents' graves
Triple H/New age Outlaws vs. Disciples of Apocalypse (X-Pac joins for commentary)
LOD 2000 come out and a huge brawl erupts

RAW IS WAR 4/27/98- Time 1:35 VQ- EX
IYH: Unforgiven Video
DX invade WCW!
Ken Shamrock/Owen Hart vs. Rocky Maivia/Mark Henry
Dude Love's love Shack INT segment with 2 "Dudettes"
More of DX invading WCW
Headbangers vs. Terry Funk/Too Cold Scorpio
More of DX invading WCW
Int: Vince McMahon
Int: Gerald Brisco
More of DX invading WCW
Jeff Jarrett vs. Bradshaw (NWA N. American Title)
Int: Vince McMahon & Dude Love
Int: DX
New Age Outlaws vs DOA (WWF Tag Titles)
The Undertaker vs Barry Windham
Int: DX
Int: Paul Bearer & Kane
Int: Goldust
Int: HHH
Dan Severn beats up Jim Cornette
Int: Steve Austin
Val Venis promo
Int: Marc Mero & Sable
Steve Austin vs. The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust (WWF Title, Special Ref: Gerald Brisco)

RAW IS WAR 11/2/98- Time 1:35 VQ- EX
Vince & Shane McMahon video
INT- Shane McMahon/Steve Austin/Vince McMahon
New Age Outlaws/X-Pac vs. Brood
INT- Vince McMahon/Michael Cole/Big Boss Man
Darren Drozdov vs. Hawk
INT- Al Snow/Mankind
Golga/Kurrgan vs. Mankind/Al Snow
Vince McMahon/Shaq confrotation
INT- Steven Regal
Steven Regal vs Goldust
INT- Vince McMahon gives Mankind Hardcore Title
The Rock vs Ken Shamrock
Int: Val Venis
Val Venis vs Jeff Jarrett
Int: Headbangers
Headbangers vs. D'Lo Brown/Mark Henry
INT- Owen Hart/Dan Severn/Steve Blackman/Blue Blazer
Int: Vince McMahon
Pat Patterson/Gerald Brisco/Sgt. Slaughter pay hard time to the Big Boss Man in a steel cage.

RAW IS WAR 11/16/98- Time 2:00 VQ- MASTER
INT- Vince McMahon/Roacky Maivia/Steve Austin/Judge Mills Lane/Gerald Brisco/Pat Patterson/Sgt. Slaughter/Big Boss Man
New Age Outlaws/X-Pac vs. Kurrgan/Golga/Giant Silva (w/ Insane Clown Posse)
INT- Vince McMahon/Gerald Brisco/Pat Patterson/Sgt. Slaughter/Big Boss Man
INT- Ken Shamrock
INT- Val Venis
Val Venis vs. Mark Henry (Chyna comes out)
INT- Vince McMahon/Gerald Brisco/Pat Patterson/Sgt. Slaughter/Big Boss Man
Steve Blackman/Goldust vs. Jeff Jarrett/Blue Blazer (Owen Hart comes out)
INT- Vince McMahon/Rocky Maivia/Gerald Brisco/Pat Patterson/Sgt. Slaughter/Big Boss Man
INT- Godfather/Steve Regal
Ken Shamrock vs. Big Boss Man
INT- Vince McMahon/Ken Shamrock joins the Corporation
Kane attacks some fans outside
Animal/Darren Drozdov vs. Gangrel/Edge
INT- Animal/Paul Ellering (Darren Drozdov pushes Hawk off the Titan Tron)
INT- Sable/Shane McMahon
Mankind attacks Gerald Brisco/Pat Patterson/Sgt. Slaughter
INT- Vince McMahon
Steve Austin vs. Rocky Maivia (WWF Title, Mankind/Undertaker interfere)

RAW IS WAR 11/23/98- Time 1:35 VQ- EX
INT- Vince McMahon/Shawn Michaels
Int: Oddities & ICP
Headbangers vs. Kurrgan/Golga
Steve Blackman vs The Blue Blazer
Footage of Steve Austin blacking out in San Jose
D'Lo Brown/Mark Henry vs. Edge/Gangrel
Int: Chyna
Int: Steve Austin & Doctors
Goldust vs Marc Mero
Int: Steve Austin's doctors
Ken Shamrock vs Big Bossman vs Mankind
Undertaker attacks Steve Austin in the hospital
Christian vs. Duane Gill (WWF Light Heavyweight Title)
Undertaker/Steve Austin/Paul Bearer at the cemetary
Int: Godfather
New Age Outlaws vs. Bob Holly/Scorpio
Undertaker/Paul bearer attempt to embalm Steve Austin alive
The Rock vs X-Pac (WWF Title)

RAW IS WAR 12/14/98- Time 1:35 VQ- EX
Int: DX.. Corporation Paradoy
Int: The Corporation
Int: Val Venis & The Godfather
Val Venis/Godfather vs. Edge/Christian
Int: Gangrel
Int: Steve Blackman
Goldust vs. Blue Blazer (Blazer is unmasked to be Owen Hart)
Int: Mark Henry
Mark Henry/D'Lo Brown vs. Scorpio/Bob Holly
New Age Outlaws vs. Big Boss Man/Ken Shamrock (WWF Tag Titles)
INT- Vince & Shane McMahon
INT- Jeff Jarrett/Debra McMichael
Steve Blackman vs. Jeff Jarrett (Guitar on a Pole match)
The Brood gives Tiger Ali Singh a blood bath
Mankind vs. Kane
Mankind/Vince McMahon brawl in the parking lot
Int: HHH
The Rock vs HHH (WWF Title)

RAW IS WAR 1/4/99- Time 2:00 VQ- MASTER (Foley wins WWF Title)
Shawn Michaels video
INT- Corporation/Shawn Michaels/D-Generation X
Ken Shamrock vs. Steve Blackman (Dan Severn/Billy Gunn interfere)
Billy Gunn/Ken Shamrock brawl backstage
INT- Mankind/Vince McMahon
Goldust vs. Mark Henry
INT- Chyna/Mark Henry/Sammy
Acolytes hang Dennis Knight
INT- Godfather
Godfather vs. Test (Val Venis interferes)
Triple H vs. Mankind (Shane McMahon as Guest Referee)
INT- Triple H/Mankind/Vince McMahon
D'Lo Brown vs. Edge (Terri Runnels has a miscarriage)
INT- Shane & Vince McMahon
Kane vs. Pat Patterson/Gerald Brisco
Acolytes hang Dennis Knight
Road Dog vs. Al Snow (Hardcore Rules)
Acolytes hang Dennis Knight
Corporation attacks Shawn Michaels
Mankind vs. Rocky Maivia (WWF World Title.. FOLEY WINS THE TITLE!!!)
INT- Mankind

RAW IS WAR 1/25/99- Time 1:35 VQ- EX
INT- Corporation/Steve Austin/Shawn Michaels
INT- Triple H
Billy Gunn vs. Goldust
Int: The Rock/Mankind
Darren Drozdov vs. George Steele
Owen Hart/Jeff Jarrett vs. Ken Shamrock/Big Boss Man (WWF Tag Titles)
Val Venis video w. Ryan Shamrock
Val Venis vs Test
Road Dog/Al Snow vs. Gangrel/Edge (Hardcore Rules)
The Rock vs HHH (WWF Title, I-Quit Match)

RAW IS WAR 5/24/99- Time 2:00 VQ- MASTER
All the WWF Staff and Wrestlers come out and pay tribute to Owen Hart
Video Tribute to Owen
Int: Mick Foley
Int: Bradshaw
Jeff Jarrett vs Test
Int: Mark Henry
Int: Droz
X-Pac & Kane vs Gangrel & Edge (WWF Tag Titles)
Int: Triple H & Chyna
Int: Dave Hebner
Hardy Boyz vs Taka Michinoku & Sho Funaki
Int: Bruce Prichard
Int: Dustin Runnels
Ken Shamrock vs Hardcore Holly
Int: Faarooq
Int: Test
Mankind vs Billy Gunn
Int: Jeff Jarrett
Int: Edge
D-Lo Brown & Mark Henry vs The Acolytes
Int: Pat Patterson
Int: Hardcore Holly
Road Dogg vs The Godfather (IC Title)
Int: Paul Bearer
Int: X-Pac
Triple H vs Al Snow
Int: Road Dogg
Int: Gerald Brisco
Paul Wight vs Goldust
Int: Debra
Int: Shane McMahon
The Rock vs Val Venis
Steve Austin makes a final toast to Owen Hart

RAW IS WAR 12/6/99- Time 2:05 VQ- MASTER
New Age Outlaws vs. Too Cool
INT- Mankind/Al Snow
INT- Vince & Stephanie McMahon
Hardy Boyz vs. Kurt Angle/Steve Blackman
INT- Triple H/X-Pac/Stephanie McMahon
D'Lo Brown vs. Val Venis
Godfather vs. Prince Albert
INT- Triple H/Stephanie & Vince McMahon
Hardcore Holly vs. Rikishi Phatu
INT- B.B./Ivory/Jacqueline/Chyna/Miss Kitty
Viscera attacks Big Show
Kane/Test vs. X-Pac/Triple H
Big Show vs. Viscera
INT- Big Boss Man/Big Show's mother
Mankind/The Rock vs. Al Snow/Chris Jericho

RAW IS WAR 3/27/00- Time 2:06 VQ-MASTER
Int: The McMahons/Big Show/Triple H/Mick Foleu
Chris Jericho & Chyna vs Chris Benoit & Eddy Gurerro
Crash Holly vs Hardcore Holly (WWF Hardcore Title)
The Road Dogg vs Rikishi
Int: The Rock
The Hardy Boyz vs Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn
Kurt Angle vs Kane (Non-Title)
Test vs Al Snow
The Big Boss Man & Bull Buchanan vs The Acolytes
X-Pac vs D-Von Dudley
Shane McMahon & The Big Show vs Vince McMahon & The Rock (Special Refs: Triple H & Mick Foley)

RAW IS WAR 5/1/00- Time 2:06 VQ- MASTER
The Dudley Boyz vs T&A (Edge & Christain join for commentary)
Int: The McMahon-Helmsley Regime
Crash Holly vs Parking Attendant (WWF Hardcore Title)
Too Cool vs The Hardy Boyz
Jackie & The Kat vs Ivory & Terri
X-Pac vs Chris Jericho
Int: The Rock
Edge & Christain vs Rikishi & Showkishi (Big Show)- WWF Tag Titles
Eddy Gurerro vs Essa Rios (WWF European Title)
Chris Benoit vs Tazz (WWF IC Title)
The Rock vs Shane McMahon (WWF Title- Cage Match)


RAW IS WAR 10/9/00- Time 2:06 VQ- MASTER
Int: Mick Foley
Lita vs Jackie (Hardcore Match- Women's Title)
Raven vs "The Lethal Weapon" Steve Blackman
Chris Benoit & X-Pac vs Triple H & Chris Jericho
The Hardy Boyz vs Lo' Down (WWF Tag Titles)
Al Snow vs Test (WWF European Title)
Eddie Gurerro & Chyna vs Val Venis & The Goodfather
Kurt Angle & Kane vs The Rock & Rikishi
Int: Mick Foley- Riskish is revealed as the driver who hit Austin

RAW IS WAR 10/16/00- Time 2:06 VQ- MASTER
Int: Eddie Gurerro Eddie Gurerro vs Chris Jericho (WWF IC Title)
Int: Rikishi
T&A vs The Acolytes
Al Snow vs William Regal (European Title)
Kane vs Triple H
Int: Steve Austin
Int: X-Pac
The Dudley Boyz vs Los Conquistadors
The Road Dogg vs Val Venis
Kurt Angle, Edge & Christain vs The Rock & The Hardy Boyz


RAW IS WAR 1/17/01 (Not Complete)- VQ- MASTER







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