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WWF Home Video Match Lists

Cause Stone Cold Said So!- Time 1:00 VQ- MASTER
This tape is hosted by SCSA. Basically recaps his career from the 96 KOTR til the summer of 97. Lots of clips and matches, awesome tape!

Austin 3:16 Uncensored- Time 1:00 VQ- MASTER
This picks up with the 1st one left off. From about the RR 98 til after WM, Jim Ross & SCSA talk about his career w/ lots of matches and clips. Lots of cussing.

The Three Faces of Foley- Time 1:00 VQ- MASTER
Foley hosts his own video here in like a "shoot" kinda way with the Hardy Boys, talking about his 3 characters and has tons of matches and clips. Totally awesome tape!!

Undertaker: The Phenom- Time 1:00 VQ- MASTER
This is a small but very cool recap of UT's WWF career. Lots of matches from 96-98. Narrated by Freddie Blassie as the voice of God. Great stuff.

Jesse "The Body" Ventura: The Mouth, The Myth, The Legend- Time :45 VQ- MASTER Lots of clips of Jesse as well as some intervews by Gorilla Monsoon & Fred Blassie. Pretty cool tape. Blassie rips on Ventura constantly on this.

The Best of WrestleMania 1-14- Time 1:30 VQ- MASTER
This has lots of clips and highlites of several matches from the different WrestleManias. It has interviews with Gorilla Monsoon, Bret Hart, Steve Austin, The Undertaker, George Steele and much much more. A very excellent tape.

Mayhem In Manchester- Time 1:00 VQ- MASTER
1. DOA vs The Godwinns (Country Whipping Match)
2. Bradshaw vs "Marvelous" Marc Mero
3. Ken Shamrock & Owen Hart vs The Rock & D-Lo Brown
4. Cactus Jack vs The Artist Formally Known As Goldust
5. The New Age Outlaws vs LOD 2000 (WWF Tag Titles)
6. The Undertaker vs Kane
7. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin vs Triple H

Sable Unleashed- Time :45 VQ- EX
Interviews and clips of Sable in the ring, on the beach, posing.. pretty much a T&A Fest.

DX Uncensored- Time 1:00 VQ- VG (low sound)
DX History tape.. great stuff from the "old" and "new" versions of DX. Lots of interviews and clips. The sound is kinda low.

Austin: Hell Yeah- Time 1:00 VQ- EX
This picks up where Austin 3:16 Uncensored left off. Lots of matches & clips shown including "spending a day with Austin" type deal. Pretty cool stuff.

The Rock: Know Your Role- Time 1:00 VQ- EX
The first video dedicated to "The Great One". Features matches & interviews. There is also an exclusive nterview with "Duane Johnson" the man behind The Rock. Most of this is on the set of Rock's Chef Boyardee Commercial set. Cool tape for Rock Fans.

The Best of RAW Vol. 1- Time 1:30 VQ- EX
Excellent tape. Only flaw I see is that there isnt enough footage of the older RAWs. It's mostly semi-current stuff, but all the matches, clips & interviews are great.

Come Get Some: The Women of the WWF- Time 1:00 VQ- EX
Another T&A fest. Features Debra, Sable, Chyna, Jackie, Ivory and more. Good for 13 year olds who need new jerkoff material, but that's about it. Not recomended.

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