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NWA/WCW Miscellaneous PPV's

NWA Bunkhouse Stampede 88- Time 1:58 VQ- VG (PPV)

NWA Chi-Town Rumble 89- Time 2:43 VQ- EX (PPV)

WCW Captiol Combat 90- Time 2:49 VQ- EX (PPV)

WCW BattleBowl 93- Time 2:48 VQ- Fair/Good (PPV)

WCW Collision in Korea- Time 1:53 VQ- MASTER (PPV)

WCW Japan Supershow 1- Time 1:49 VQ- EX (THE)

WCW Japan Supershow 2- Time 1:49 VQ- EX/VG (PPV)

WCW Japan Supershow 3- Time 1:49 VQ- EX/VG (PPV)

WCW Beach Blast 92- Time 2:50 VQ- MASTER (PPV)

WCW Beach Blast 93- Time 2:50 VQ- VG (PPV)

WCW Hog Wild 96- Time 2:49 VQ- MASTER (PPV)

WCW Road Wild 97- Time 2:46 VQ- MASTER (PPV)

WCW Souled Out 98- Time 2:44 VQ- MASTER (PPV)

WCW Souled Out 99- Time 2:56 VQ- EX (PPV)

WCW New Blood Rising- Time 2:51 VQ- MASTER (PPV)

WCW Sin- Time 2:50 VQ- EX (PPV)

WCW Greed- Time 2:50 VQ- MASTER (PPV)

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