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Real Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 279lbs
Hometown: The Iron Gates of Fate
Finishing Move: The Tiger Bomb
Other Trademark Moves: The Tiger Driver '91, The Eternal Darkness, The Tiger Spike
Theme Music: "Church of Saint Anne" by MercyFul Fate
Manager: None
Tag Team: None
Stable: None (Formerly of The Brotherhood of Darkness)
Heel or Face: Heel
Titles Currently Holding: None
Current Promotions Wrestling For: NWWF
Character Description: Tiger has a creepy unique looking red and black skull mask that allows his long black hair to flow out of. He wears long black leather pants and boots. Tiger also wears black fingerless gloves, and a long black leather trenchcoat to the ring. On his body are many thick bands of scars. He is really well built.