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Shoot Interview Descriptions

RF Video: Abdullah The Butcher Shoot Interview 1998- Time 4:00 VQ- VG/GD
Abby does something he hardly ever does.. speaks! And he has a lot to say in this shoot. He talks about everything from his start to why he thinks major worldwide wrestling will fall and the territories will return. He talks about Puerto Rico, Briuser Brody, working for New Japan, All Japan, why he jumped back and forth. He talks about the funks and many other things. Matches are on the tape including a bloody encounter with Hulk Hogan. Awesome shoot from a legend.

RF Video: Al Snow & Head Shoot Interview- Time 4:00 VQ- VG
Al Snow has been in the wrestling business for over 15 years. He's seen it all and done it all. In this shoot, he talks about his start, working in Smokey Mountain, working for the WWF, ECW, and various indys. He discusses the locker rooms of the WWF and ECW, his problems with the WWF and comments on several westlers and promoters. Matches from ECW, SMW, Indy's and Japan are on this tape as well. Al also takes some phone calls. Awesome shoot.

RF Video: Axl Rotten Shoot Interview- Time 4:00 VQ- MASTER
One of my personal favorites in the Shoot Interview Series. Axl Rotten has been in wrestling for over 10 years. He discusses how he got started, WCW, ECW, working for IWA Japan, his feud and real life problems with Ian Rotten. He also discusses several wrestlers and has 4 hilarious impersonations of Dusty Rhodes, Terry Funk, The Iron Sheik & Tommy Rich. There is also some matches on this tape from ECW, WCW, GWF, BJPW and more. Axl is by far one of the funniest men in wrestling and you will die laughing for 4 full hours at this tape.

RF Video: Bam Bam Bigelow Shoot Interview- Time 8:00 VQ- VG
Bam Bam is the man in this shoot. He is hilarious and informative. He talks about his start, getting trained and ripped off by Larry Sharpe.. his stints in the WWF, working in Japan, stories on Vader, working for NWA and ECW. He has several thoughts on The Kliq as well as many wrestlers in ECW and other places. There are lots of matches placed throughout the tape as well. Awesome shoot highly recommended!!

RF Video: Bill Alphonso Shoot Interview- Time 4:00 VQ- EX
Fonzie tells all in this shoot. With over 20 years in the business, he talks about Florida, WWF, WCW, ECW, Japan, working for Watts, Funks, Eddie Graham, Dusty Rhodes, Vince McMahom, Paul Heyman, Jim Crockett and many many others. He has some hilarious stories about Roddy Piper, Dusty Rhodes, and many many others. A very good shoot with lots of great stories, highly recommended.

Bruiser Brody Shoot Interview- Time :20 VQ- GD
This is a short but cool shoot. Brody discusses what it's like producing the WCCW Shows, working in Japan, how he feels about wrestlers who won't go to the smaller towns. He talks about his football days with The Washington Redskins as well as other items.

Highspots: Buddy Landell Shoot Interview- Time 4:00 VQ- VG
This is without a doubt one of the greatest shoots ever. "The Nature Boy" has a lot of great stories about how he broke into the business, the NWA as well as his long battle with drugs and alcohol. He talks about his days in SMW, his tryout with the WWF, and has stories on Sting, The Ultimate Warrior, Ric Flair and many more. Very awesome shoot, highly recommended!!!

Eddie "Hotstuff" Gilbert Shoot Interview- Time 2:00 VQ- GD
The Late Eddie Gilbert has some awesome stuff here. He talks about the broken neck angle in the WWF, working in Memphis, working for WCW. He has a cool story about how him and his brother Doug Gilbert screwed over W*ING by breaking kayfabe and announcing their alligence to AJPW Owner Giant Baba. Other stuff on here too, cool tape.

El Vampiro Shoot Interview- Time :20 VQ- VG/GD
This is a cool shoot from current WCW Superstar El Vampiro. He talks about how hard it is working in Mexico. He has lots of negative and hilarious comments about Konnan. He discusses some ECW wrestlers he knows as he watches a tape. He also speaks of his start up in Canada with Abdullah The Butcher, and more. Kickass video.

Highspots: George Hines Shoot Interview- Time 4:00 VQ- MASTER
George Hines has also competed under the names Jackie Fulton and The Eagle. He talks about how he got started in the business, what it was like working for SMW and Jim Cornette. He also goes into detail of the All Japan/NOAH Split from a worker's perspective. He talks about how Japanese and American wrestlers communicate in matches as well as his career in Japan. Great shoot!

RF Video: Jack Victory Shoot Interview- Time 4:00 VQ- EX/VG
This is an awesome shoot. Jack has been in wrestling for over 13 years and he has some great stories about it. He has unbelievable stories about The Von Erichs including all their drug problems. He discusses his time in World Class, Mid-South/UWF, the NWA/WCW and ECW. He discusses what it's like working for Bill Watts, Paul Heyman, Fritz Von Erich, Jim Herd. He has some stories about John Tatum, how he got his teeth knocked out TWICE, running strip clubs on his time off and much much more. Excellent shoot, deffinetly worth getting!

Jim Cornette SMW Q&A Shoot Interview 93- Time 3:00 VQ- VG/EX
Cornette talks about SMW, WWF, WCW several wrestlers and more in this shoot. He has some great stories as well. Jimmy is always hilarious and you will love this tape.

Jim Cornette SMW Q&A Shoot Interview 94- Time 3:30 VQ- VG/EX
More great stuff from Cornette. The format is pretty much as the same as the year before, but with different stories, views on working for the WWF and lots more. Great stuff.

Jim Cornette SMW Q&A Shoot Interview 95- Time 4:30 VQ- VG/EX
This shoot was done outside with the fans, which makes it a little better because the lighting is better than the first two tapes. No matches or anything, just lots of Q&A's and great stuff from Corney.

RF Video: Justin Credible Shoot Interview- Time 4:00 VQ- MASTER
The former ECW World Champion Justin Credible discusses a lot in this interview. Hear him talk about his time in the WWF as Aldo Montoya, the locker room during the 95 era. He talks about what really happened with The Kliq, his time in ECW and much more. Great shoot!

RF Video: Louie Spicolli Shoot Interview- Time 3:00 VQ- EX/VG
The Late Louie Spicolli sat down in 1997 and discussed everything he's been involved with. Louie talks about his start, working for the WWF, working for AAA, FMW, ECW. He gives his opinions on the Kliq, the nWo, and several other wrestlers. Some matches are placed here and there from AAA and ECW. Louie also takes phonecalls and more. This shoot was conducted aprox. 6 months before he passed away and is truly a collector's item for any wrestling fan.

Lou Thez: An American Icon Shoot Interview- Time 1:00 VQ- VG
Lou Thez has been in wrestling since the early 1900's. In this shoot, he explains what a "shooter" is, as well as a "hooker". He talks about many champions of the past as well as giving some comments on almost every world champion from the start of the NWA all the way up to Hulk Hogan.

RF Video: New Jack Shoot Interview- Time 4:00 VQ- GD
New Jack, the always outspoken and controversial weapon totting psycho in ECW has a lot to say in this great shoot. He talks about Mustafa and The Gangstas, his start in wrestling. He talks about working for Jim Cornette and SMW, as well as comparing ECW's fans to SMW's fans. He takes calls from the fans which is absolutely hilarious. He also goes and gets a tattoo during the tape! New Jack is like the Samuel L. Jackson of wrestling. Highly recommended.

Highspots: Ricky Morton Shoot Interview- Time 4:00 VQ- EX/VG
Ricky Morton has a lot to say in this. He talks about his start in wrestling, working in Memphis, hooking up with Robert Gibson. He discusses his time working for Mid-South, the NWA, WWF, Japan, SMW and more. Great shoot from a legend.

RF Video: Rob Van Dam Shoot Interview- Time 4:00 VQ- EX
Mr. PPV RVD sits down and relaxes in this great shoot interview. He tells all from his start in wrestling, about getting trained by The Sheik. He talks about his background in kickboxing and martial arts, compares working for the US to working for Japan. He has some thoughts on his time in the WWF, WCW and ECW, his views on wrestling contracts and himself in general. Lots of stories and great stuff on here. Matches are on the tape too.

RF Video: Sandman Shoot Interview- Time 4:00 VQ- VG
The Sandman is wild, crazy and fun. He has a lot of cool stories, mostly from ECW on this tape and he is really laid back and out of character. He talks about his start, working for Lawler, Paul Heyman, the WWF. He discusses the things that happened on his appearance with ECW on Monday Night Raw and much more. He takes several calls. Matches are inserted on this tape. Great stuff from the true ECW Icon.

RF Video: Shane Douglas & Francine Shoot Interview- Time 8:00 VQ- EX
Shane discusses a lot. Unfortunatly the sound is so low that you can barely hear what he's saying. Leave it up to RF Video to do something as stupid as not connecting a microphone properly. Not recommended.

RF Video: Shawn Michaels Shoot Interview

Steven Regal Shoot Interview- Time 1:00 VQ- VG
This was an autograph secession with many of the wrestlers from WCW. Regal is the main focus, talking about being a wrestler as opposed to a sports entertainer. He discusses how most american fans find him boring because he doesn't do moonsaults and stuff like that. Pretty cool tape.

RF Video: Sycho Sid Shoot Interview- Time 4:00 VQ- VG
The Sycho Man from West Memphis Arkansaw has a great shoot interview here. Sid talks about everything you want to know. He goes in deatil about the infamous stabbing incindent with Arn Anderson, he talks about steroids, why he sometimes refuses to do jobs, his thoughts on the WWF, WCW, USWA and other areas. He has comments on Shawn Michaels, Shane Douglas and many others. Matches are on the tape.

RF Video: Taz Shoot Interview- Time 8:00 VQ- EX
The "most miserable man on the planet" gets a little unmiserable for a while as he talks about everything in this shoot. He talks about his start in wrestling, working as The Tasmaniac and how it eventually evolved into Taz. He talks about his tryouts with the WWF and working for ECW. He has some cool stories about Gypsy Joe and Tommy Dreamer. He gives his thoughts on his cousin Chris Chetti and many other things. Matches are on the tape as well. Great shoot!

RF Video: Terry Funk Lifetime Achievement Banquet- Time 3:30 VQ- VG
This was a dinner banquet conducted the night before ECW's 1st ppv called "Barely Legal". There was an awards ceremony to present Terry Funk with a Lifetime Achievement Award for all he has done for wrestling. Some of the guest speakers include: Joey Styles, The Pitbulls, The bWo, The Eliminators, The Sandman, Taz, Louie Spicolli, Reggie Bennett, New Jack, Chris Candido, Todd Gordon, Paul Heyman, Beulah, Tommy Dreamer and Terry Funk himself. After the show, there are a few matches on the tape including his empty arena match vs Jerry Lawler, a match vs Kevin Sullivan, and the 1st ever Time Bomb Deathmatch vs Atsushi Onita. Great event.

RF Video: Terry Funk Shoot Interview- Time 8:00 VQ- MASTER
The Funker talks about a ton of things in this shoot. He discusses what it was like growing up in his family. How he got started in the business. He talks about how much wrestling has changed since he started. He discusses his World Title reigns, WWF, NWA, ECW, WCW, IWA Japan, FMW, and tons and tons of wrestlers. If you are a fan of Funk you will love this tape. Lots of matches too.

Tiger Jeet Singh Shoot Interview- Time 1:30 VQ- GD
A rare shoot interview from the legend. Sound is ungodly low, however. Not recommended.

RF Video: Tommy Rich Shoot Interview- Time 2:30 VQ- VG
Tommy Rich aka "The Big Don" has been in the wrestling business longer than people can remember. He talks about working in Georgia, Florida, the Crocketts, the NWA, Memphis, ECW and more. He has some excellent stories about wherever he's been. Matches are placed here and there throughtout the tape and is well worth picking up.

RF Video: Tully Blanchard Shoot Interview- Time 4:00 VQ- MASTER
Tully discusses everything imagineable in this shoot. He goes over his start in the business, working for his dad down in San Antonio, his relationship with Gino Hernandez. He also speaks about his time in Mid-Atlantic and the NWA with The Horsemen, Dusty Rhodes ect. He discusses what it was like in the WWF, why he left and never came back to the NWA. He also discusses his problem with drugs ect. Great shoot!!

RF Video: Vader Shoot- Time 8:00 VQ- EX/VG
This shoot was conducted in Vader's own home! And it's a great one. Vader talks about his start in wrestling, working for the AWA and then for Otto Wantz. He disucusses his time in Japan, the Vader gimmick, his time in WCW including: The Sid/Anderson Stabbing, the night Cactus Jack has his ear ripped off, the whole story behind the locker room brawl with Paul Orndorff, how Flair and Hogan screwed him out of things he was promised. He also talks about the WWF and Vince McMahon and compares them to WCW. A lot of other things on this tape too, a really great shoot!

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