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Smoky Mountain Wrestling Supercard Match Lists

SMW Volunteer Slam 92- Time 1:30 VQ- EX
Dirty White Boy vs. Dixie Dy-No-Mite
Brian Lee vs. Buddy Landell
Paul Orndorff vs. Tim Horner
Robert Gibson vs. Jimmy Golden
Brian Lee vs. Dirty White Boy
Paul Orndorff vs. Robert Gibson
Heavenly Bodies vs. Party Patrol
Brian Lee vs. Paul Orndorff (SMW Heavyweight Title Tourney Final)

SMW Fire on the Mountain 92- Time 2:00 VQ- EX
Tim Horner vs. Buddy Landell (I-Quit Match)
Paul Orndorff interview
Paul Orndorff vs. Ron Garvin (Piledriver Match)
Rock N Roll Express interview
Rock N Roll Express vs. Jimmy Golden & Robert Fuller
Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden interview
Dirty White Boy & Ron Wright interview
Dirty White Boy vs. Brian Lee (SMW Title)
Brian Lee interview
Heavenly Bodies vs. Fantastics history
Heavenly Bodies vs. Fantastics (SMW Title, Barbedwire Cage Match)
Heavenly Bodies interview
Fantastics interview

SMW Thanksgiving Thunder 92- Time 2:00 VQ- EX
Paul Orndorff vs Danny Davis & Ronnie Garvin (Handicap Match)
Dirty White Boy vs Tim Horner
Mongolian Stomper vs Kevin Sullivan
10 Man Battle Royal
Four Faces of Fear Highlights
Rock N Roll Express vs Heavenly Bodies (Street Fight)

SMW Bluegrass Brawl 93- Time 2:00 VQ- EX
Mongolian Stomper v. Rob Morgan
Interview w/ Brian Lee
Interview w/ Tim Horner
Tim Horner v. The Night Stalker
Interview w/ Kevin Sullivan
Kevin Sullivan v. Brian Lee: Singapore Spike Match
Dirty White Boy v. Tracy Smothers: Bloody TN Chain match
Int w/ Stud Stable
Int w. RnR Express
Int w/ Cornette & Bodies
Stud Stable v. RnR & Arn Anderson v. Heavenly Bodies (Street Fight Elimination Match)
Interview w. Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies

SMW Fire on the Mountain 93- Time 2:00 VQ- EX
Jimmy Del Ray vs. Steve Armstrong
Dirty White Boy interview
Dirty White Boy vs. Mongolian Stomper
Tim Horner vs. Chris Candido
Brian Lee & Tammy Fytch interview
Tracy Smothers interview
Brian Lee vs. Tracy Smothers (coal miner's glove match)
Jim Cornette interview
Bob Armstrong interview
Heavenly Bodies, Bruise Brothers, & Jim Cornette vs. Rock N Roll Express, Steve, Scott, & Bob Armstrong- (Rage In The Cage)

SMW Volunteer Slam 94- Time 1:50 VQ- VG/EX
Tracey Smothers vs Kendo the Samurai
The Thrillseekers vs Well Dunn
"Prime Time" Brian Lee & Chris Candido vs The Rock-n-Roll Express (SMW Tag Titles)
Bruiser Bedlam vs "Macho Man" Randy Savage
Jake "The Snake" Roberts vs The Dirty White Boy (SMW Title)

SMW The Night of the Legends- Time 3:50 VQ- VG/GD
Killer Kyle vs. Doug Furnas
Bob Orton Jr. & Dick Slater v. Ron Garvin & Mongolian Stomper
Gangstas interview
Chris Candido & Brian Lee vs. Rock N Roll Express
Summary of Knoxville Night of Legends updates
Introductions to Knoxville Wrestling Hall of Fame
Thrillseekers vs. Heavenly Bodies feud summary
Thrillseekers vs. Heavenly Bodies
Dirty White Boy vs. Terry Gordy (SMW Title)
Jim Cornette vs. Bob Armstrong feud summary
Bob Armstrong, Tracy Smothers, & Road Warrior Hawk vs. Terry & Dory Funk Jr., & Bruiser Bedlam (Coward Waves the Flag Match)

SMW The Superbowl of Wrestling 95- Time :50 VQ- EX/VG
Robert Gibson & SMW bury Ricky Morton in an interview
The Thugs vs The Heavenly Bodies (SMW Tag Titles)
The Undertaker vs Unabom
Billy Jack Haynes vs Brad Armstrong (USWA Title)
Shawn Michaels vs "Nature Boy" Buddy Landell (WWF IC Title)
Buddy Landell Interview

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