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California Match Lists

LA/SF Late 70's TV Vol. 1 Part 1- Time 2:02 VQ- GD/VG
1. Roddy Piper vs Terry (Buzz) Sawyer. A very young and thin Sawyer is seconded by Hector Guerrero, who distracts Piper, and Sawyer scores a major upset
2. Pat Patterson confronts The Canadian, who is Roddy Piper under a mask
3. Victor Rivera & The Canadian (Piper) vs Tom Jones & SD Jones. Piper uses the loaded mask gimmick. Chavo Guerrero runs in, but takes a beating from the heels. Pat Patterson then runs in, and almost unmasks Piper.
4. Interview w/ Pat Patterson & Chavo Gurerro
5. Chavo Guerrero & The Canadian vs Black Gordman & The Great Goliath. Piper KO's Chavo to end the match.
6. Interview w/ Black Gordman & The Canadian.
7. The Canadian & Alex Perez vs Mando Guerrero & Texas Red. Piper again almost loses the mask
8. Interview: Texas Red. Red claims to be inducted into the wrestling hall of fame in Chicago. Oh yeah, they also say he is the #1 ranked wrestler in the world. What a complete joke. They might as well have brought in Jackie Fargo and called him the greatest wrestler of all time!
9. The Canadian & Victor Rivera vs Texas Red & SD Jones. Texas Red is Red Bastien
10. Interview: Texas Red challenges The Canadian to a No DQ "Contract Match"
11. Interview: Roddy Piper
12. Roddy Piper vs Chavo Guerrero. Piper plays bagpipes before the match. Chavo wrestles Piper for awhile, then winds up fighting Dr Ota. Piper & Ota then double on Chavo. Hector Guerrero then runs in, hitting Piper with the ring mic. Piper is hilarious while trying to blade
13. Roddy Piper, Moondog Mayne & Ron Bass vs Buzz Sawyer, Alex Perez & Black Gordman. ELIMINATION MATCH. The heels wind up doing a number on Gordman
14. Chavo Guerrero & Black Gordman vs Ron Bass & Dr. Ota. Roddy Piper is the ref. Piper lets Bass & Ota do whatever they want, then awards them the victory.
15. Chavo Gurerro & Black Gordman get into an unscheduled brawl w/ Ron Bass & Roddy Piper.
16. Roddy Piper vs Tony Milan
17. Segment hyping upcomming Cow Palace card.

This tape is great! The first 20 minutes or so, the picture is kind of shabby but very watchable. the VQ picks up as the tape goes on.

LA/SF Late 70's TV Vol. 1 Part 2- Time 1:50 VQ- EX/VG
1. Interview: Roddy Piper. Piper is hilarious as he goes on and on about how crazy Moondog Mayne is.
2. Harley Race vs Mike Stallings. Race is (for the 2nd time) the NWA Champ here.
3. Interview: Harley Race. Check out Gordon Solie's outfit! Do a little dance, make a little love...
4. Interview: Harley Race taped interview, which is responded by Dean Ho, about their upcomming NWA World Title Match @ the Cow Palace.
5. Interview: Moondog Mayne, who is now chummy with Piper, does an interview about a Loser Leaves Town match w/ Hector Gurerro in which Piper will be the special ref. (Fair pitcure)
6. Hector Gurerro vs The Great Goliath, with Special Ref: Roddy Piper. Piper shows obvious bias the whole match against Hector. After the match an NWA offical strips Piper of his refereeing duties. Piper goes nuts and Mayne brawls w/ Hector. What's interesting is that you can hear the wrestlers speaking clearly, like they are all mic'd. Commentary is in spanish. (Fair Picture)
7. "Playboy" Buddy Rose vs Jerry Monti
8. Interview: "Playboy" Buddy Rose
9. Roddy Piper vs Guy Lambert. Piper plays the bagpipes before the match.
10. Interview: Roddy Piper. His face looks like he was hit by a train.
11. Roddy Piper & Ron Bass vs Black Gordman & Terry (Buzz) Sawyer. Funny, as Piper plays coward and lets Bass do all the work, but insists on getting the pin to get the $500 bucks. Bass gets mad and Piper appeases him w/ a hilarious speech at the end.
12. 2 Interviews w/ Moondog Mayne.
13. Buddy Rose attacks Mando Gurerro, Dean Ho makes the save.
14. Roddy Piper vs Rick Thompson
15. Interview: Roddy Piper, shows tape of his match at the Cow Palace w/ Pepper Gomez and does commentary over it. Piper then tries to swallow a LIVE goldfish to psyche out Moondog Mayne!!! Hilarious!!
16. Buddy Rose & Texas Red vs Pepper Gomez & Takashi Inoume. Texas Red is Red Bastien
17. Interview: "Playboy" Buddy Rose. Rose's interview sounds like a calmer nervous version of a Ric Flair promo.

The VQ on this tape is awesome! This footage is over 20 years old with only 2 shady spots, the rest bascially EX/VG!!! Great interviews from Piper early in his career.

LA/SF Late 70's TV Vol. 2- Time 4:00 VQ- VG
1. Buddy Rose vs Pepper Gomez. 2/3 Falls
2. Jerry Monti & Takashi Inoume vs Texas Red & Roddy Piper
3. Interview: Moondog Mayne, who is VERY obviously drunk, rambles on and on. Piper screams at him off camera, and it is ignored by Mayne. Simply hilarious!!!
4. Interview: Roddy Piper
5. Interview: Moondog Mayne
6. Interview: Dean Ho, who shows footage of Harley Race
7. Interview: Roddy Piper who goes wild talking about Mil Mascaras (Fair picture)
8. Roddy Piper vs Takashi Inoume
9. Roddy Piper vs Pete Marquez
10. Interview: Mil Mascaras
11. Interview: Moondog Mayne, Piper interrupts and explains what a Scottish Fling Match is, and attacks Mayne with a steel chair and then defends himself with a mop!!
12. Interview: Roddy Piper
13. Buddy Rose vs Mando Guerrero. Rose continues pounding on Mando's injured back until Dean Ho runs in, and Mando is stretchered out
14. Interview: Buddy Rose gloats over injuring Mando Gurerro
15. Buddy Rose & Texas Red vs Genichiro Tenryu & Takashi Inoume. Tenryu is called "Tenryu Shimata". Rose walks out on Red, and he gets beat.
16. Taped footage of Hector Gurerro vs Buddy Rose from the Cow Palace.
17. Footage talking about the death of Moondog Mayne & what will happen to the US Title. For those of you who don't know, he was killed in a car accident.
18. Adrian Adonis vs Pedro Morales (WWF @ The Spectrum- Clip)
19. Clip of Kevin Sullivan vs Bob Roop. Kevin does commentary over it. (Good Picture)
20. Kevin Sullivan & Barry Orton vs Kurt & Karl Von Steiger. Bob Roop convinces Orton to turn on Sullivan
21. Interview: Kurt & Karl Von Steiger. They complain about having to wrestle Ray Stevens & Moondog Mayne
22. Alexis Smirnoff vs Enrique Mercado
23. Ray Stevens vs Johnny Karisma (aka Hans Schroeder). Smirnoff attacks Stevens after the match
24. Interview: Bob Roop
25. Kurt & Karl Von Steiger vs Barry Orton & Ted Heath
26. Interview: The Von Steigers
27. Interview: Dean Ho, exposes Alexis Smirnoff's leg injury as a fake
28. Dean Ho vs Bob Roop (TV Title)
29. Dean Ho & Ted Heath vs Bob Roop & Barry Orton
30. Johnny Karsmia vs Kevin Sullivan
31. Interview: Kevin Sullivan
32. Black Gordman vs Mando Gurerro. Jip. Victor Rivera twice tries to throw in the towel but Chavo Guerrero throws it back at him. Rivera then attacks both Guerreroes with the TV Title belt (Poor Picture)
33. Victor Rivera vs El Negro. Rivera gets laid out with a chair from Mando Guerrero and juices big in the fracas (Fair Picture)
34. Don Muraco vs Rick Thompson. Dean Ho is at ringside, which incites Muraco
35. Interview: Don Muraco
36. Interview: Dean Ho & Roy Shire
37. Pat Patterson vs Eddy Mansfield (No Finish Shown)
38. Dean Ho vs Alexis Smirnoff
39. Bob Roop vs Kevin Sullivan (From The Cow Palace)
40. Buddy Rose & Ed Wiskowski vs Genichiro Tenryu & Takashi Inoume. Tenryu is called "Tenryu Shimata"
41. Interview: Buddy Rose & Ed Wiskowski
42. Gama Singh & Hector Gurerro vs Eddie Mansfield & Bob Chew (Special Ref: Roddy Piper) (Fair Picture)
43. Interview: Roddy Piper
44. Interview: Chavo Gurerro
45. Go & Chavo Gurerro vs Java Rope & The Great Goliath

LA/SF 8mm Footage From The 70's Vol. 1- Time 2:00 VQ- EX
This whole tape is footage taped off an 8mm recording device, so there is no sound. The picture is excellent throughout, but as I am somewhat unfamiliar with the wrestlers, I cannot provide a matchlist. However, some of the recognizable names are Dean Ho, The Shiek, Bobo Brazil, Ray Stevens, Black Gordman, Pat Patterson, The Gurerros, ect. Great tape!

LA/SF 8mm Footage From The 70's Vol. 2- Time 2:00 VQ- EX
This whole tape is footage taped off an 8mm recording device, so there is no sound. The picture is excellent throughout, but as I am somewhat unfamiliar with the wrestlers, I cannot provide a matchlist. The second volume in this collection.

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