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Indy Fed Tapes

**Note** Times VQs & Matchlists have not been verified yet. Which means, Unless it says MASTER next to it, it may not be correct. If you want info on a specific tape or tapes, email me.

IWA Mid-South King of the Death Matches 1997- Time 2:00 VQ- EX/VG

NWC Total Chaos- Time 1:40 VQ- EX

UWF Tag Team Tandems- Time :45 VQ- MASTER

UWF The Lumberjack Match- Time :40 VQ- MASTER

UWF Beach Brawl 91 (PPV)- Time 2:00 VQ- EX

UWF Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff- Time VQ- MASTER

TWA Autumn Armageddon- Time 2:45 VQ- VG/EX

APW 2/21/98- Time 2:00 VQ- VG

Maryland Championship Wrestling 7/19/98- Time 2:30 VQ- EX

Maryland Championship Wrestling 9/20/98- Time 2:30 VQ- EX

Kayfabe Violations 12/8/96- Time 1:10 VQ- EX

Jersey All-Pro Wrestling 1st Anniversary Show- Time 2:30 VQ- VG/EX

AWC Great Eight Tournament 12/13/97- Time 2:15 VQ- EX

All Star Wrestling Hazelhurst, GA 3/11/95- Time 1:15 VQ- EX

ICW Rage In A Cage 12/22/96- Time 2:30 VQ- EX

ICW Valentines Violence 2/14/97- Time 2:30 VQ- EX

Wolverine Pro Wrestling 7/8/98- Time 2:00 VQ- VG/EX

SCW Season's Beatings 98: 12/26/98- Time 2:12 VQ- EX

SCW When Hell Freezes Over 99: 1/23/99- Time 2:00 VQ- EX

SCW March Madness 99: 3/12/99- Time 1:30 VQ- EX

KAW: TV March 13, 1999- Time 1:00 VQ- VG

KAW: TV March 20, 1999- Time 1:00 VQ- VG

KAW: TV March 27, 1999- Time 1:00 VQ- VG

KAW: TV April 03, 1999- Time 1:00 VQ- VG

KAW: TV April 10, 1999- Time 1:00 VQ- VG

W.O.W. Show #2

W.O.W. Show #3

WXO Wrestling 1/20/00- Time 1:00 VQ- MASTER

IWA Florida 99- Time 1:00 VQ- MASTER

OMEGA 8/2/97 Southern Pines, NC- VQ MASTER

OMEGA 11/8/97 Sanford, NC- VQ MASTER

OMEGA Christmas Combat 12/5/97 Southern Pines, NC- VQ MASTER

OMEGA Liviní La Vida Lucha 5/1/98- VQ MASTER

OMEGA Hidden Menace Rising 7/31/98- VQ MASTER

OMEGA Power Dominion 12/5/98- VQ MASTER

OMEGA New Power Generation- VQ MASTER

OMEGA Super Libre Awakening- VQ MASTER

WWA 8/20/98 Newburyport, MA (WWF Dojo Show) (EX)

CZW Cage Of Death 3 12/15/01- Time 5:00 VQ- MASTER (SMV)