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Mr. MacTiger's Guidelines

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Now I am unlike a lot of traders. I do not hinder trades by setting a bunch of pointles rules, because I am not paranoid about getting ripped off. I have been stiffed a few times, and believe me I was not happy at all, but it's no reason to freak out over it.

I do have a couple simple statements that I would like you to agree on if proposing a trade.

Please be curtious and patient. I have a lot of e-mail as well as a personal and professional life offline.
I don't mind what kind of tape you use, just as long as it's not going to break or cause the video quality to lower greatly.
I do not have a "send first" or "same day" policy. Here's what I do, and it seems to work for everyone I've traded with. I get your tapes ready and you get mine ready. I send them out when I can (in a reasonable amount of time) and you do the same.
I usually trade on an hour for hour, or tape for tape, whichever works best depending on what is being traded.
Real traders who respect each other and do not get involved in paranoid childish games tend to have a lot more fun trading and a better overall expierence, thus making it more likely that you will do so again. I do believe that if you have not traded before and are not well known throughout the trading circle, that you do provide a couple of references. If you can agree with that, then please e-mail me with an offer.

Things I am looking for:

At least very good quality footage of WWF House Shows from the 80's, inlcuding MSG, Spectrum, Boston Gardens, Maple Leaf Gardens, ect.

Excellent quality (extremely minor or non-existant visual & audio problems) of almost every NWA & WCW Clash of the Champions and most WWF Saturday Nights Main Events.

At least very good quality footage of New Japan & All Japan Television from the 80's. Compilations are great, although whole shows are fine too.

At least very good quality shows or compilations on the Georgia & Mid-Atlantic Territories.

Im not too interested in anything from Calgary, Memphis, Mid-South or Dallas... but I will look into what you have, because something might catch my eye.

Things I am NOT looking for:

ECW Tapes
FMW, W*ING, BJPW or any death match wrestling
Current (90s-present) footage of NJPW/AJPW
Women's wrestling
Mexican or European Wrestling
Indy Feds
WWF or WCW current (90s-present)
Comps-Best of's of any wrestler

I am open to things that are not listed in my "non-wants" such as certain japanese television and shootfighting tapes from Japan, however it is selected and there is no guarantee that I'll be interested.

Here is how I judge video quality. Partial text credit goes to Chris Tabar (so I didn't have to type it all up on up my own! =)

MASTER (M)- This is an original copy of a commercial tape or an original recording off television.
EXCELLENT (EX) - Quite simply, the picture is perfect.
VERY GOOD (VG) - Quality is clearly not perfect, but with nothing that distracts the viewer from watching the tape. May have very minor faults (like snow or small tracking line) in an otherwise perfect picture.
GOOD (GD) - Picture contains minor faults (not perfectly clear, snow, etc.) but is still watchable with no difficulty.
FAIR (FR) - Picture contains major faults (blurry, picture jumpy, etc.) and is watchable, but requires effort on the part of the viewer to enjoy.
POOR (PR) - Picture contains major faults and may be completely unwatchable in whole or in part.

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