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Florida Wrestling Videos

Florida TV from 81-82- Time 4:00 VQ- VG
Mike Graham vs Tully Blanchard
Dusty Rhodes/Bugsy McGraw vs Ox Baker/Assassin #2
Cocoa Samoa/Charlie Cook vs The Sheepherders
Buzz Sawyer vs Cocoa Samoa
Eric Embry/Bill Snyder vs The Spioler/??
Eric Embry vs Bobby Jaggers
Buzz Sawyer vs Jack Brisco
Dory Funk Jr vs Eric Embry
Charlie Cook/Mike Graham vs Dory Funk Jr/David Von Erich
Spoiler vs Wahoo McDaniel
Terry & Dory Funk Jr vs Jack & Jerry Brisco
Dick Murdoch vs The Iron Sheik
Butch Reed vs David Von Erich
Cocoa Samoa/Eric Embry vs The Spoiler/JJ Dillon
Mike Graham vs Ric Flair
Cyclone Negro/El Gran Apollo vs Dory-David Von Erich
Eric Embry vs Cyclone Negro
Kendo Nagasaki vs Mr. Wrestling II
The Funks vs The Briscos
Kendo Nagasaki vs Jerry Lawler
Ric Flair vs Butch Reed
Brian Blair/El Gran Apollo vs Dory Funk Jr/Kendo Nagasaki
Jimmy Garvin vs Mr. Wrestling II (Loser Leaves Florida)
Kendo Nagasaki vs Chavo Gurerro
Brian Blair vs Derrick Draper (Col. DeBeers)
David Von Erich vs Sweet Brown Sugar
Dick Murdoch vs Kendo Nagasaki
Dory Funk Jr. vs Brian Blair
Dory Funk Jr. vs David Von Erich
Kendo Nagasaki vs Brian Blair
Dusty Rhodes/Butch Reed vs Briuser Brody/Big John Studd (Cage)
Mike Graham vs Kendo Nagasaki

Florida Turnbuckle Memories 1- Time :45 VQ- EX
Lex Luger vs Jesse Barr clips
Black Ninja (Muta as a rookie) vs Prince Iaukea (not todays)
Lex Luger vs Hector Gurerro
Backland, M. Allen, T. DíAmato vs Kevin Sullivan, Purple Haze, Makah Singh
K. Windham vs Mark Benedict
Blackjack Mulligan promo which shows Superstar Billy Graham in the desert.
Kevin Sullivan interview crazy
Barry Windham vs Ric Flair clips
Blackjack Mulligan vs El Ropas & Maurader

Florida Turnbuckle Memories 2- Time :45 VQ- EX
Clips of Tully Blanchard vs Dusty Rhodes
Sheepherders vs Crusher + Sam Bass
Johnny Ace/Dusty Rhodes interviews
Mike Rotunda vs Colt Steele
Kevin Sullivan + Dory Funk vs Mulkeys
Dory Funk + Sullivan jump Blackjack Mulligan
Johnny Valentine vs Paul Jones 1973
Ed Gantner vs Louis Astea
Bugsy Mcgraw video/Humperdink + Funk interview
Cuban connection vs Jim Backland + Johnny B Good
Ttijo Kahn + Prince vs Steve Keirn + Mike Graham
Sullivan interview

Florida Turnbuckle Memories 3- Time :45 VQ- EX
Scott Mcgee vs Tom Wright
Magnum TA vs Denny Brown
Dusty interview
Kevin Sullivan vs Raul Mattai
Charles Cook + Ron Bass vs Angelo Mosca + Leroy Brown
Dusty talking about how he learned how to do promos
Joe Leduc vs Pak Son clips from 1974 Dusty is a heel
Tim Woods vs Johnny Valentine from the 70ís
Jerry Gray vs Frank Dusek
Barry Whindham vs Frank Dusek and promos Angelo Mosca attacks Barry Whindham

Florida Turnbuckle Memories 4- Time :45 VQ- EX
Interview:Brian Blair
Brian Blair vs Dale Veasey
Hector Guerrero vs Jack Hart
Intr:J.Hart/Percy Pringle
Intr:Ric Flair 6.Ric Flair vs Mike Graham
Paul Jones vs Ron Fuller..Blast from the past..2/3 falls..Bloody
Intr:Jesse Barr
Jesse Barr vs Tony DíAmata
Intr:Mike Graham/B.Blair

Florida Turnbuckle Memories 5- Time :45 VQ- EX
Terry & Dory Funk attack Mike Rotundo
Empty arena interview:Kevin Sullivan
Intr:Mike Rotundo
Terry Funk vs Mike Rotundo
Intr:Johnny Ace
Sheepherders vs Dave Sierra/Ricky Santana..bloody
Dusty Rhodes video
Mike Graham vs Mr.X
Jack Brisco vs Bill Watts..NWA Title Match
Intr:Terry & Dory Funk
Dory Funk Jr. vs Jerry Grey
Intr:Ric Flair
Samurai Warriors vs Bass/Kanopf
Kevin Sullivan vs Jimmy Backlund

Florida Turnbuckle Memories 6- Time :45 VQ- EX
Interview: Mike Graham
Mike Graham vs Ed Gantner/Oliver Humperdink
Interview: Gantner
Scott Hall vs Jerry Grey
Interview: Scott Hall
The Sheik vs Sailor Art Thomas (clip)
Bad News Allen vs Bob Cook
Interview: Bad News Allen
Interview: Sullivan/Humperdink at home
Brody/Allen/Cuban Assassin vs Luger/Windham/Simmons (clips)
Dusty Rhodes/Dick Slater vs The Hollywood Blondes
Tombstone w/ Paul E Dangerously vs Norman Smiley
Interviews w/ Jack Hart, Adrian Street & Ron Fuller
New Breed vs Tracy Smothers/Steve Armstrong

Florida Turnbuckle Memories 7- Time :45 VQ- EX
Terry & Dory Funk attack Mike Rotunda
Empty arena interview with Kevin Sullivan
Mike Rotunda interview
Terry Funk vs Mike Rotunda
Johnny Ace interview
Sheepherders vs David Sierra & Ricky Santana
Dusty Rhodes video
Mike Graham vs Mr.X
Mike Graham interview
Jack Brisco vs Bill Watts (NWA Title Match)
Terry & Dory Funk Jr interview
Dory Funk Jr. vs Jerry Grey
Ric Flair interview
Samurai Warriors vs Bass & Kanopf
Kevin Sullivan vs Jimmy Backlund
Kevin Sullivan interview

Florida Turnbuckle Memories 8- Time :45 VQ- EX
Lex Luger vs Jesse Barr
Barry Windham vs Jack Hart
Fabulous Ones vs Prince Iakea/Red Menace
Akio Sato/Mr.Saito vs Mike Graham/Steve Keirn..Blast from the past
Jerry Grey vs Frankie Lan
2 Interviews with Kevin Sullivan & his crew
Kendall Windham/Keiji Muto/Tyree Pride vs Dennis Sour/Mark Benedict/Dino Minelli

Florida Turnbuckle Memories 9- Time :45 VQ- EX
Tyree Pride & Hector Guerrero vs Jack Hart (Barry Horowitz) & ?
Blackjack Mulligan interview
Road Warriors vs Purple Haze & Bob Roop (clips)
Jesse Barr vs Cocoa Somoa
Jesse Barr interview
Lex Luger vs Dale Appolo
Lex Luger interview
Lex Luger vs Wahoo McDaniel (clip)
Dusty Rhodes vs Missouri Mauler (from the 70ís)

Florida Turnbuckle Memories 10- Time :45 VQ- EX
Kendall Windham & Hector Guerrero vs Tony Wonder & Jason Walker
Hector Guerrero & Kendall Windham interview
Chavo Guerrero interview
Grappler & Rip Oliver vs Frank Lane & Blue Thunder
Road Warriors vs Fabulous Ones
Harley Race interview
Magnificent Muraco vs Manny Fernandez (from the 70ís)
Post Match Locker Room footage with Don Muraco, Oliver Humperdink, Nikolai Volkoff, & Ernie Ladd
Jack Hart (Barry Horowitz) vs Mike Jackson
Ric Flair interview
Wahoo McDaniel interview
Ric Flair & Grappler vs Wahoo McDaniel & Billy Jack (Cage match) (clips)
Billy Jack interview
Billy Jack vs Rick Rude (clip)
Cocoa Somoa vs Rip Rogers

Florida Turnbuckle Memories 11- Time :45 VQ- EX
Shock Troops attack Fabulous Ones
Fabulous Ones interview
Jim Backlund vs The Maurader
Lex Luger vs Ric Flair (2/3 Falls)(Highlights)
Ric Flair interview
Fabulous Ones vs Masters & Towers
Fabulous Ones interview
Oliver Humperdink & his army interview
Ron Bass interview
Windhams interview
Ron Bass vs Chris Champion
Bob Roop interview
Fabulous Ones interview
Jerry Grey vs Mark Starr
Fabulous Ones vs Humperdinkís Brigade
Fabulous Ones brawl with Shock Troops

Florida Turnbuckle Memories 12- Time :45 VQ- EX
Dusty Rhodes & Blackjack Mulligan vs. Golden Boy & Mr. Olympia
Blackjack Mulligan Video
Dusty Rhodes Video
Mike Rotunda & Mike Davis vs. One Man Gang & Ron Bass (U.S. Tag Titles)
Billy Jack vs. Wild Bill Snyder
Billy Jack interview
Blackjack Mulligan interview
JJ Dillon, Black Bart, & Ron Bass interview
Mike Rotunda & Yellow Dog interview
Chief Joe Lightfoot vs. Tommy Wright
Denny Brown vs. Kendo Nagasaki
Billy Jack interview

Battle of the Belts 2 (2/14/86)- Time :50 VQ- VG
1. Jesse Barr vs Lex Luger (Southern Title)
2. Wahoo McDaniel vs Bruiser Brody
3. The Road Warriors & Blackjack Mulligan vs Kevin Sullivan, Maya Singh, & Mark Lewin

Battle of the Belts 3 (9/1/86)- Time 1:10 VQ- VG
1. The Fabulous Ones vs The Sheepherders (US Tag Titles)
2. Nick Bockwinkel vs Kendo Nagasaki (AWA World Title)
3. The Road Warriors vs The Shock Troops
4. Ric Flair vs Lex Luger (NWA World Title- 2/3 Falls)

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